Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Planning

  • Map out potential disaster scenarios: highly focused, localized, neighborhood, regional, and IT infrastructure compromise
  • Perform detailed risk-analysis, threat assessment, potential economic impact analysis, and create mitigation strategies & contingency plans
  • Design, implement and test detailed Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Plans
  • Review existing DRP's for completeness and update them for changed circumstances
  • Design, implement and test disaster resistant IT architectures based on geographical diversity, redundancy, everything-hot load-balancing, near-realtime data replication, and gentle performance degredation instead of infrastructure failover


Stefan Jon Silverman:

  • Scient - Designed and conducted the one-day workshop on Disaster Recovery / Security / Operations for all newly launched engagements and established DR standards for all ongoing engagements
  • Banc America Securities - Wrote Business Unit DR Plans for Y2K regulatory compliance / ongoing business operations and architected a bi-coastal everything-hot / load-balanced / redundant datacenter infrastructure strategy
  • Barclays Global Investors - Architected, implemented, & tested the disaster resistent world-wide Inter-/Intra-/Extra-Net infrastructure & management environment
  • Barclays Global Investors - Wrote, implemented, & tested the DRP for the world-wide Inter-/Intra-/Extra-Net infrastructure & management environment
  • New York City Law Firm - Created a disaster response strategy and assisted the Firm in recovery efforts after a datacenter catastrophe
  • Montgomery Asset Management - Performed a Firm-wide risk analysis, constructed disaster scenarios, and wrote the mitigation strategy document & DRP
  • Disaster Recovery Institute - Certified as a Disaster Recovery Planner