Large Scale Infrastructure / Applications Architecture & Implementation

  • Design & implement geographicly diversified / redundant / load-balanced / near real-time replicated network infrastructures
  • Design & implement multi-tier (User Interface, Transactions, Database, etc.) application frameworks
  • Design & implement state-of-the-art datacenter / network / systems management environments


Stefan Jon Silverman:

  • MLB.Com Major League Baseball (Scient) - Infrastructure design to support all 30 teams and the league site on a common platform
  • Barclays Global Investors - Architected & implemented the world-wide Inter-/Intra-/Extra-Net infrastructure & management environment
  • Sybase - Architected & implemented the SETI (Software Engineering Technology Infrastructure) for all development world-wide including the configuration / source-code management system, desktop workstations, build environment, and the symmetrically multi-processing multi-terabyte test lab
  • Harris Farinon - Architected & implemented custom computer devices, operating system environment, & applications to deploy SONET (155Mbit/sec) speed microwave communications networks
  • Pacific Bell / U.S. West (KPMG) - Architected the LVAS (Line Validation Administration System) & SLEUTH (Real-time phone credit-card fraud detection) multi-tiered architecture for telephone system & switch management
  • TRW Federal Systems & U.S. Army - Managed systems integration and deployment of TACCIMS, the C3I system for joint U.S. / Korea military operations
  • American Chemical Society - Architected & implemented the PRSS (Peer Review Software System) linking the submission, editorial, and publication process for all 90 journals